Daily horoscope for July 30, 2022

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2/3 lunar day, Moon in Leo

Today we will take stock, we will face truths, we will have conversations that will touch our hearts…

Some of what is happening may give rise to nostalgic moods, others will cool feelings and passions. The day can be described as a “moment of truth”, primarily in relationships, but not only.

Despite everything, the moon in Leo will have a positive impact on our tone, self-confidence, restorative powers, faith in one’s own abilities.

So, in general, the emotional background will be colorful, bright, building on “lust for life” in a broader sense…

A good time to unwind with friends, give ourselves some pleasure…

We can take stock – who or what contributes to our feeling of happiness or, on the contrary, stands against us.

We can find ourselves in situations or have conversations that will show us this.

The past can catch up with us in some way, we ourselves may be more inclined than usual to look back, to analyze, but this can have a positive effect on future decisions.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – today you may have conversations that are explanatory, that may confront you with some truths, or you yourself on various occasions will tend to take stock, look back at the past and analyze it. Certain events or what you heard will have a stabilizing and beneficial effect, will help you make the right choice in the future. It is appropriate to be more socially active in order to stand out… You influence those around you more than usual, take advantage in an optimal way. You yourself may distance yourself from people and circumstances that do not contribute to your sense of happiness, do not support your ambitious plans, etc.. You see the other side as it is…

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – today in brighter colors you can identify everything that hinders purely professional success, material income, etc. If you have to leave something behind, it will be more visible than usual. Some of you may find yourself in situations that look like conflicts of interest. Balance carefully between your point of view and that of the other party. You may have to part with one to get another and more valuable one. The day is suitable to distance yourself from those who can cause you damage, purely financial or moral.

Gemini, Aquarius, Libra – the aspect of the stars illuminates your partner relationships, relationships that are important to you. You may tend to be more critical, demanding of others, probably not without reason, but because they challenge you. You will prove to be an important factor for others, you will force them to comply with you. In some cases, however, this can bring some tension, you may say or hear words that cool or outright freeze some of your relationships. The final result and in most cases will depend on you, how much you are willing to compromise, etc.

Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio – the day is loaded with many commitments, some of which will burden you above the average level. It is possible that hidden factors will come to the surface that affect your realization, may change your preliminary plans. It is not excluded that you will face truths that concern your income, career development, respectively – what excellences you can reach, what it will cost you. If you need to leave something in the past or at least change something so that you can be more successful and profitable in the workplace – this will be more visible than usual. Do not ignore certain signs of fate, you have the opportunity to look into the more distant future, so that you take appropriate measures and protect yourself from future difficulties and even losses. Today, increased costs, even losses, conflict of interests are possible, analyze, make decisions that will protect you in the future…

Mariana Petrova

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